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Poor documentation impacts construction in 7 ways

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Poor documentation impact construction project in many ways. Without them, work cannot be done, and contractors cannot get paid. Documents serve as the critical evidence to support or dispute any claims. Because of their importance, it is critical that a project has proper document control procedures. With the rise in demand for more high-rise buildings or going below the ground of several miles, there has been a rise in the demand for construction companies near me. 

The teams for these projects are getting larger and the projects are becoming complicated. It is due to these reasons that one needs to engage in proper documentation. This helps in bettering the workflow at the site. Poor documents management is harmful to the project and can lead to budget overruns, rework, and unwanted delays in completing the project.

The construction companies my area needs to have proper documentation of the work that they are doing. However, many construction companies struggle to get control over the huge amount of project documents. Architectural plans, RFIs, mark-ups, and so on- a single problem in the documents can lead to huge problems in the construction process for the firm. Poor documentation quality is a major cause of construction process inefficiency, leading directly to delays, rework and variations and contributing to increases in project time and cost, generally for all project participants.

How poor documents management impacts a construction firm?

The construction companies that do not have proper documentation procedures experience troubles like files missing, files getting in the wrong hands, or not getting updated. Struggling to get the necessary backup documents to face any claims or to get a time extension. Jotted down some of the most problems that construction companies face. If any of the problems are faced by you, then using a construction project management process is ideal.

1.Increase in rework due poor documentation

Rework has to be done by the construction services 2022 due to poor document management. If the construction crew does not know about the updates happening, then rework has to be done. It leads to loss of productive time, wastage of money, and delays in completing the project. Better construction project management helps to avoid these issues. 

2.Wastage of productive time due poor documentation

It has been seen that a good amount of productive time of the construction crew goes into locating the specific files amid several hundred uncategorized documents. As a result, it leads to loss of good productive time. The construction crew needs prompt and fast responses when it is dealing with any changes or asking for data. In the absence of a good document control system, the changes will be not be relayed to them quickly and this will delay the entire work process. 

3.Siloed information due poor documentation

Several construction companies use low or free storage options that are not ideally designed for storing documents. As a result of this, the files spread over different services and lead to siloed information. The document controlling options differs from one service to the other.

This can lead to the leakage of important data. The third-party storage service companies only provide limited storage even for paid services and accept a certain kind of file. There are many storage accounts that the construction company forgets about once the project is over.

However, the trouble starts when one needs a document to solve a problem with the construction at a later time.

4.Delays in communication

Poor documentation can lead to delay in communication. It is a common problem at construction sites. Suppose a subcontractor needs some documents urgently for completing a job. If the person has the document immediately, then the work gets sorted quickly. But for companies with a poor documentation process, it will take hours or at times several days for getting the document. For better project site management, proper managing of the documents is needed. 

5.Slow response for changing the orders due poor documentation

Changes will happen in a construction project. Complex with multi traded projects have more changes and it is manually impossible to keep track of them. A few hours delay can also cause many problems in the construction work. It will lead to wastage of productive labor time and also wastage of materials. Construction management helps in avoiding such delays.

6.Leaks in safety and security

Though the construction supply companies are not as prone to hacking as the retail and health care companies, there have been data leaks in the past few years in this field. Poor control over important documents like employee documents, daily logs, or safety logs can present a weak spot to the hackers. Using the same login details by different team members can lead to immense access once a single account is hacked. Individual log-in details with permission controls are a safer option for protecting the data. Securing employee documents is very importation including managing by setting reminders to renew any documents.

7.Incomplete closeout packages due poor documentation

The closeout packages must include manuals, warranties, guaranteed drawings of the construction and layout. The drawings shall be marked along with project progress instead of waiting for substantial completion which saves final completion time and gets paid the final payment on time and able to get additional bonding capacity etc.

As you can see, poor documentation is not helpful for the construction company. To better the working structure, using construction management software helps to create transparency and keeps all the team members of the project informed. Since the construction software uses technology in every manner (iOS, Android, Desktop versions), the workflows and the processes are better connected and good documentation management is practiced by the construction company. Construction firms that are lacking in document control practices tend to experience a wide range of issues as files go missing, fail to get updated across the entire team, or end up in the wrong hands.

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