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Avoid construction claims in 7 different ways

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Avoid construction claims to avoid litigation and legal claims can be harmful to construction companies near me. These are very common in the construction industry. The contractors have to deal with these at work. The legal claims or litigations can be detrimental to their reputation and finance, as it can affect them even after the project is over. Construction claims are a massive problem for the construction companies. However, there are many ways to avoid or minimize them. Claims and disputes under construction contracts will invariably involve a myriad of complex issues under countless unique scenarios where legal case precedents and straightforward interpretation of the contract provisions do not always offer instant panacea.

The construction claims arise because one party demands compensation that is outside the terms of the contract. For a better understanding of the different kinds of construction claims, here is a list of the most common claims demanded in the construction industry.


Accidents are quite common at construction sites. Accidents could happen with the construction workers or to the bystanders. The claim that is often filed in such cases is that the construction companies did not follow the safety and security guidelines. Not following safety plans, daily check lists and Safety toolbox talks will hurt the jobsite and possibility to face more accidents, thereby avoid construction claims.

2. Damages

Claims happen also when there is destruction or damage to the construction site or any property nearby. The client whose property gets damaged due to the construction can file a property damage claim against the contractor. Mostly these damages happen due to not following demolition procedures and adjacent property protections etc. , thereby avoid construction claims.

3. Changes in work

This is also another common claim in the construction field. This begins when a contractor receives orders for changing from the clients after the start of the construction project. The claim begins when the contractor and the client disagree over what comes and does not come under the terms of the contract. The client might feel that the contractor is violating the contract and that might lead to the submission of a claim, thereby avoid construction claims.

4.Changes in the condition of the construction site

This kind of claim usually happens when the conditions of the construction site are different from the one mentioned in the contract. It might also happen that the condition mentioned in the contract due to differing in site condition, thereby avoid construction claims.

5. Schedule acceleration

It happens in special situations where the contractors have to go beyond the budget that was agreed during the bidding for the project. It is done for finishing the construction services 2022 on time. As a result, the contractor or the client might disagree to pay for the extra costs incurred. In such a situation, a schedule acceleration claim can be filed, thereby avoid construction claims.

6. Construction defects

This kind of claim is usually raised after the construction job is completed by the contractor. The client under this claim alleges that the contractor did not do a good job with the construction and project management. The contractor did not follow quality management in construction projects. As a result of this, there are some errors, and this is causing harm to the newly constructed property, thereby avoid construction claims.

7. Delays

It is an immensely common construction claim. This kind of claim comes up when the construction project takes more time to complete than agreed. The delays can lead to financial loss and productivity loss. Delays can also happen due to natural calamities like a pandemic, extreme weather conditions, and others, thereby avoid construction claims.

How to avoid these construction claims?

One must keep in mind that no contract between a client and a contractor is claim-proof. Even after mentioning all the clauses, the contractor can make claims. However, as a contractor, you can take some preventive steps to reduce the chances of facing litigation. We have compiled some useful tips to avoid litigation. Avoid construction claims

Detailed and in-depth contracts to avoid construction claims

Communication is very essential for the construction business. It helps in solving issues easily. A well-written and in-depth contract helps in properly defining the terms and conditions of the parties. A well-written contract helps both parties from unwanted risks and also helps in reducing disputes and risks.

There are construction claims consultants who can guide the contractors in preparing contracts for protection from claims and litigations. These professionals ensure that all the points are mentioned in the contract to protect them from unexpected claims.

Maintain accurate records

For a construction project, so many things happen simultaneously. Project site management is important. Without waiting till the contract is completed record delays, classify them to excusable, non-excusable, compensable, etc, and notify the client as and when arising them which will help the contractor to get the right time extension or with compensation or minimize liquidate damage. Right communication helps to maintain good relations with clients and other stakeholders. By keeping accurate records of the works, communication will be effective.

Practicing safety measures at the construction site to avoid construction claims

It is the responsibility of the contractors for protecting the workers and the property during the building of a project. Maintaining a safety construction management during the construction helps in tackling better issues and mitigating the risks of injuries and accidents. Make a proper safety plan, create everyday safety logs checklists and conduct safety toolbox talks at least once a week on job-related topics. Carry Builders risk insurance & maintain current general liability and workers compensation.

Final words

Claims and litigations are not ideal for a contractor or construction supply company. Not only does it lead to paying more money for the claims, but it also leads to a negative impact on the reputation of the contractor. By keeping the different kinds of claims that can arise during construction and the ways to resolve them, a contractor can complete the work quickly and provide the best construction services

Another important aspect of preventing expensive construction claims from shutting down businesses is having strongly worded contracts that state insurance requirements. Both parties in a contract must carry insurance coverage with adequate limits. However, the effort is crucial in achieving an appropriate outcome to any complex delay case, and it typically requires a great deal of hard work and close cooperation of a highly capable delay analyst, supporting facts and documentation, and experienced parties familiar with the development of the project.


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