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5 Factors Contributing to Poor Project Performance in Construction Projects

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Poor project performance is the major reason for construction Project failure.

Most common mistakes in Project Management and what you as the person responsible can do about them. This is why projects fail most often and what you can do about it immediately

Use the wrong construction project manager

In practice, a construction project manager is all too often assigned a project simply because he or she is available and not because of personal experience or know-how. 


This is very risky, since an inexperienced Construction Project Manager without the required knowledge and skills can itself be the cause of the project failure and Poor Project Performance. The construction project management should therefore only receive an order if the individual experience and know-how match the project requirements. 

Unclear workload leads to Poor Project Performance

A frequent reason for the failure of construction projects is the unclear workload. Uncertainty that creeps in here burdens the entire construction project. In the worst case, they mean that it is not clear when the project will be completed. At the beginning of any construction project, it is important to define a clear, unambiguous and verifiable project goal. 

No clear goals and expectations: when the success metric is missing

These statements may sound like truism. However, practice shows that serious problems in construction project management are often caused by:

  • The construction project goals cannot be clearly stated.
  • It is unclear what outcome will make the construction project a successful project.
  • It is not guaranteed that each individual task contributes to the achievement of the construction project goal.
  • It is not clear for each task whether it is necessary or a nice-to-have. Poor Project Performance However, clarity about this is the prerequisite for effective and efficient project management.

When the project management starts a new project, it is essential that they have fully and comprehensively understood what “successfully completed” means for the users in concrete terms. 

Otherwise there is a great danger that those involved will be dissatisfied with the construction project result. The construction project manager must therefore convey to everyone involved from the outset what requirements the construction Poor Project Performance places on each individual in the team and what expectations must be met in order for the users or customers to be satisfied.

Construction project management should document what needs to be done for all team members. In addition, everyone involved must know when the project has been successfully completed.

Lack of support from construction management

Not only the team involved, but also the top construction management must support the project. If this is not the case, the chances of a successful construction project decrease significantly. 

Regular mutual coordination with management should therefore be an integral part of project management activities. Poor Project Performance In order to achieve project success, it is helpful if a representative of top management is involved in the project from the start. Insist on mandatory attribution.

Lack of flexibility and inadequate methodology

Been open to new information and suggestions and, if necessary, incorporate them into the construction project management. The overview of the entire project is crucial for the construction project management, but they should not get lost in the details. 

Changes in the course of the project can be a good opportunity to question and improve your own work. Reacting flexibly and appropriately is one of the basic virtues of project management for construction.

The construction project manager should always have an open ear for suggestions for improvement and should not turn a blind eye. Poor Project Performance If a new project differs in size from those carried out in the past, a change in the methodology used may be necessary.

​​The standard approaches adopted in construction project management are usually designed for projects of a certain size and may no longer fit the larger project.

Lack of support from the team

A lack of support from the construction project management team and the departments involved is often one of the reasons why a project fails. After all, project work is teamwork! 

It is the task of the construction project manager to show the employees involved what role they play in the team, what the status of the project is and what will change as a result. 

If the construction manager does not manage to convey the urgency and importance of the project, employees often simply continue with day-to-day business.

As a construction project manager, you should present the project and its consequences to everyone involved so clearly at the beginning that you can be sure of support from all sides. Poor Project Performance If the team is spread across multiple locations, ensure access to and use the best technology available in the company.

If there is friction or even jealousy in the project team, your top priority as construction project manager is to restore the focus on the project goal for the entire team. Active leadership prevents individual groups in the project team from blaming each other for Poor Project Performance or problems. 

Good construction project management knows how to take the team along and involve them in comprehensible decisions through open communication.

Problems in construction project management can realistically and in all probability never be completely avoided. 

But experienced construction project managers know about the type of most common errors and problems in construction project management that can occur in their organization – and actively counteract them from the start. Because, as the saying goes: It is much cheaper to avoid errors in projects than to have to correct these errors later.

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