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3 Best Things to Consider to handle Lack of Skilled Manpower

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There is a shortage of skilled workers in the construction companies when there are not enough construction worker with special skills available for a significant number of jobs. 

Qualifications however, this is not to be equated with a labor shortage, in which there is a general Lack of Skilled Manpower of construction worker, regardless of their number.

Despite a high unemployment rate, there can be a shortage of skilled workers, which develops into a shortage if it persists for a long time. The vacancies in a construction company are difficult to fill and there are vacancies that last around 40 percent longer than the average.

Lack of Skilled Manpower in construction companies

There is a shortage of skilled workers in the construction companies when there are not enough construction worker with special skills available for a significant number of jobs. 

Lack of Skilled Manpower

What causes skills shortage in construction companies?

A shortage of skilled construction workers can either affect the entire economy or, as in most cases, only certain areas or job profiles. Such a shortage is currently prevalent especially in the fields of construction.

A shortage of skilled construction workers is mainly caused by the consequences of demographic change. The average age of society is increasing as a result of the ever-declining birth rate and significantly higher death rate. 

Due to this change in the population structure, there is a Lack of Skilled Manpower of young talent, since the number of people of working age is also continuing to decrease. With the same, if not even increasing, economic output, there are therefore fewer and fewer trained construction project manager.

In addition to demographic change, the increasing digitalization in the economic sectors is also a reason for the shortage of qualified employees. As a result, many professions are becoming less important, while at the same time many new specialist areas are emerging that require specific knowledge.

 As a result of technological developments, construction companies are therefore increasingly making new qualification requirements of their employees. Lack of Skilled Manpower However, since previous education systems were not yet adapted to digitization, there is now a Lack of Skilled Manpower of staff with the necessary specialist knowledge in the vacant construction project management skills areas.

What are the consequences of a shortage of skilled construction workers in construction companies?

Since there are now more vacancies in construction companies than there are applicants, there is fierce competition for the best talent for the construction project management

In order for companies to be able to secure the best construction project manager in this so-called war for talent, it is necessary to offer potential construction worker certain incentives.

The Lack of Skilled Manpower construction workers is leading to a shift in the balance of power between construction companies and employees. Since the demand for skilled construction workers is high, Lack of Skilled Manpower but there are not enough of them to be able to fill all the positions, employees have the opportunity to choose from many offers for the most attractive one. 

In order to survive in the competition, construction companies are coming up with more and more ideas to attract young talent. Economic growth and value creation are increasingly weakened by a permanent Lack of Skilled Manpower trained construction workers

If construction companies in particular can no longer find enough skilled construction project manager, their services will suffer as a result. Over time, this can become a problem for the entire economy, as the reduction in benefits would mean a large loss of revenue.

The shortage of skilled construction workers must therefore also be counteracted by politics and business. If this is not the case, the total number of workers missing by 2030 could amount to three million.

What can be done to counteract the shortage of skilled construction workers?

In order to be able to meet the need for skilled construction workers, training measures to prepare for the digital world of work would help, for example, the use of Ezelogs construction project management and estimating software.

These are intended to counteract the Lack of Skilled Manpower construction workers in the construction industry:

Activation and job security

In order to defy demographic change, construction companies should try to keep older employees in their jobs for as long as possible. And at the same time, been offered flexible working time models. 

In addition to this measure, the Ezelogs cloud based construction project management software is also useful in achieving this feat.

Qualification: education and training

The rate of vocational training dropouts is also to be reduced in the long term. The shortage of skilled construction workers is to be curbed by ensuring a school or vocational qualification and by offering more attractive working conditions. 

To this end, both the start of a course of study and further training measures within construction companies are to be increasingly promoted. Lack of Skilled Manpower Set Auto reminders to renew qualification certificates or give an opportunity to workers to for new training classes.

Integration and qualified immigration

The immigration of qualified specialists from abroad can also help to eliminate the shortage. First of all, immigration law and the assessment of foreign professional and school qualifications must be checked. 

If the foreign skilled workers are then properly integrated and encouraged, for example through language courses, etc., they can be integrated quickly and thus contribute to securing skilled workers.

In conclusion, construction contractors should offer incentives to skilled construction workers and, above all, expand their employer branding measures and make them attractive. 

By building a strong employer brand, construction companies can stand out in the job market. With a higher level of awareness and a good reputation, construction companies can gain a competitive advantage in the war for talent.

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