7 major reasons for project delays

7 Major Reasons for Project Delays

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Project delays in construction are to be minimized to make the construction company profitable. Construction projects have to be completed on time. It helps in staying within the budget and completing the work one time.

In construction Project Delays can be defined as the extra time taken to complete the project beyond the stipulated time of completion of the project. Completing the project on time means that the construction company was efficient. Construction is dependent on many unpredictable factors. Here is a list of reasons that might lead to Project Delays in construction. 

Change in the scope of the project is one of the major project delays

The scope of the project is defined as what is expected to be delivered when the construction is complete. Improper definition of the project scope can lead to an increase in budget and Project Delays. The project plans, budget, estimate of the quantity must be calculated from the first instance.


Any changes made in the project are due to poor scope definition, miscalculating the risks, changes in the client’s interest, change in field condition, and others. 

Any modification or change will cause changes in the initial scope of the construction projects

For proper control, the construction companies must understand that changes can happen during construction. They must have a proactive approach involving the stakeholders and incorporating the needs throughout the construction. For avoiding disputes or problems, one must get changes approved by the owner within a fixed time. For any changes on the project, the contractor needs to notify in the form of an RFI to all stakeholders.

Complexity in the construction project

It leads to an increase in costs and the time taken to complete a particular construction project. 

Complexity is best defined as the scale of the construction project. The bigger construction projects like tunnels, stations, airports, dams, nuclear power stations take more time to complete when compared to smaller projects like non-commercial building and residential houses.

Any complexity in the construction process will increase the cost and lead to Project Delays in the time taken for constructing the project. 

Construction projects will have more complexity will result in complicated plans, estimations, and schedules. 

Proper care has to be taken to understand these aspects of the construction project. Detailed planning by a construction manager is required for eliminating the delay in time and increase in budget by calculating different aspects of the construction project.

Managing complicated projects needs expertise and experience. Hence the goals and scope of the construction project have to be defined depending on the needs of the clients.

Improper planning

Planning is extremely crucial for the construction process. Planning the project means identifying the tasks to obtain the desired outcome in minimal time and costs. There are several professionals involved in the construction work. The construction manager must incorporate the planning process for getting the best budget and results.

Planning means calculating the kind of construction equipment, human resources, suppliers, and costs needed for completing the construction work.

The planner must have enough knowledge to settle things to ensure while they are planning.

Inappropriate schedule in project

Scheduling in construction refers to the activities arranged in a logical order to complete the construction project within a proper time. The scheduling is crucial to utilize the resources and manpower to the maximum potential. For efficient scheduling, the construction manager needs technical knowledge, logical relation between the resources and activities.

When the construction manager has an improper schedule for the construction project, the resources will be diverted to the activities that are not critical. The critical activities will suffer as a result of this and Project Delays in construction work will happen. 

To solve such issues, the scheduler must have adequate technical knowledge, and one must have a proper understanding of the scope of the work properly. The scheduler must have strong knowledge of the business contracts, drawings by engineers, the scope of the project, requirements of the clients, estimates by the engineers, and so on. 

Variations in design

Variations in the construction design result in major Project Delays in construction and lead to an increase in cost in the construction project. The faulty designs will lead to inaccurate construction project deliverables during the project execution.

The budget of the construction project, time, and estimation of the quality will be based on the designs by the engineers. Any changes happening in the design at a later time will lead to an increase in the time and budget costs of the project.

To get proper designs, the contractor must have great communication with the design teams. It will help in integrating a proper design that is well planned, corrections have been made after proper investigation, reviews, and approved finally. 

Improper estimates of the engineer

After the engineer estimates the cost of the project, the employer can understand the proper size of the investment needed to complete the project. Depending on the estimates by the engineer, the calculations are done.

With proper study, a clear understanding of the work, accurate calculation of the quantity, and proper planning, one can plan the cost estimates effectively. Inaccurate estimates by the engineer will increase the cost and cause Project Delays in completing the construction project.

Final words

Delays in construction projects are common. By adopting a proper control and monitoring system. With effective communication, one can complete the construction project on time. Ezelogs helps in providing proper solutions to avoid/minimize construction delays.


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