10. Experienced project manager can improve project performance

Project Manager can Improve Project Performance in 3 Best Ways

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Improve project performance can be achieved by a good construction manager to ensure that they complete a successful project and are also completed on time and within the planned budget. If the client is happy with the finished product, only the contraction management contractor will walk away with a good amount of profit.

This is a win-win situation for everybody. When a construction project fails, it is all typically due to many conflicts and the issues that use all the cost. There are overruns and delays in the schedule. Here it all should be properly planned so as to save a project from failure.

Suppose a contractor is not managed correctly. In that case, it will eventually lead to going over the budget, and then there will be blowing off the project after the scheduled date of substantial completion. Here going over the budget depletes the contractor’s profit.

In addition to that, the project will be hit with all kinds of liquidated damages every day. Here it can also impact all sorts of upcoming / existing construction projects as the contractor’s workers and their equipment are tied up as they are all trying to finish up a failing project.

Causes of failure of construction projects

Many factors always lead to project failure, but it usually goes down to how well the construction manager or the construction management team performs in overseeing the total project. It is seen that even the most difficult of the difficult tasks can also be successful if they all are correctly managed.

Here are some of the reasons for poor project performance and how to prevent them from happening on the next project:

Inadequate Planning wont improve project performance

It is always seen that construction projects fail due to poor planning. The more time and effort a person puts into planning the project, the better off they will be when the construction work gets underway. This generally starts by carefully reviewing and fully understanding all the plans and specifications of the project. The planning involves working with the client, architect, subcontractors, consultants, and suppliers to establish the construction schedules and project milestones as per contract documents.

Here the planning of a construction project usually goes beyond just creating a good construction schedule. Here, there are many additional items, such as conducting a risk assessment and planning management strategy.

There is the planning of developing site-specific safety plans, establishing a good number of contingency plans, site logistics, and lining up all the delivery of materials and equipment. Here a person should keep in mind that the planning and the schedule are all the living documents that need to be updated and adjusted as the work on the project progresses any further.

Failure to Communicate

Here, good communication is also essential for delivering a successful construction project. When there is good communication among all the stakeholders, the project is good, but if it breaks down or is mishandled, it can lead to delays, accidents, costly rework, and many unhappy clients. Here the cost manager needs to keep everyone up to date on the changes to the work, or the schedule that usually goes a long way in preventing all the significant problems from developing that may cause all the projects to fail.

Here they all need to develop a good communication plan, and then they have to establish the necessary documents which will control the procedures. Here they have to designate a central point of contact where all communication will flow. Here all the communications that had happened should also be documented, and then it should be shared with the appropriate stakeholders. These may include meeting notes, submittals, requests for information, invoices, daily reports, change orders, and submittals.


Scope Creep & Change Orders

Scope creeps the continuous expansion or the number of changes in the project’s initial scope beyond initially intended. Here, there are a lot of factors that may lead to scope creep, which may include poorly defined range, preliminary plans and a lot of specifications, poor communication, mismanagement of the changed orders, and the clients that are changing their minds about what they want.

Here the change orders are very similar in that they also involve changes to the plans outside of the original scope.


Constructing your project iѕ a chance to hаvе еvеrуthіng уоu wаnt in a house, but thе construction management process is very complicated. A good construction contract should clearly state how any work outside of the original scope should be requested and how they all should be documented.

There should be no additional work that would commence until a written change order has been executed and authorized by the client. All the extra costs and timeline extensions should be determined and agreed upon here.

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