#1 How To Make The Best Possible Submittals And Rfi Package And Get It Approved Quickly

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The submittals and rfi document will take contractors systematic through the submittals process and provide examples to assist them in seeing what is required. Let us check out the submittals meaning in construction.

What Must Be Included In Every Proposal Package

The instructions with various electronic gadgets are a good example of the difference between a good package and a remarkable one. You may find a Quick Start Guide as well as comprehensive documentation. While the former gets you up and running with little detail, the latter opens up a world of possibilities for exploring and mastering your gear.


In a fraction of the time it would take to produce a box by hand, Cube’s user-friendly software allows users to create professional, more thorough submission packages that contain an eye-catching cover, Company information, schematics, and much more. Updating or revising any element within the submittal package with the most recent project details merely takes a few clicks. They may be presented in more than one language if you so want.

In submittals and rfi process, Impressing customers and demonstrating your company’s worth is accomplished with well-designed submission packets. The following components should be included in a professional, detailed submission package in the form of a multi-page PDF:

  • Specification papers and illustrations of each part
  • Schematics and outliners (which can easily be created in Visio)
  • Product description information for billing purposes
  • Plans for electrical wiring
  • Actions in order
  • The layout of Individual Sections
  • Establishing the Controller’s Parameters

Methodical Procedure

A complete submittals and rfi package that optimizes commissioning time, lowers operating costs, guarantees good orientation and training, and better documents the building’s installed systems may compete with a bare-bones submission.

Strategies For Quicker Proposal Approvals

Anyone who has dealt with the submission process for building projects knows how lengthy and tedious it can be. Depending on the submittals and rfi package’s complexity, thoroughness, and correctness, the approval process might go on for weeks or even months.

Resubmit Everything If You Only Get A Few Approvals

The requirement for expedited submittals for dummie approvals grows as construction timetables become more compressed. For this reason, it is becoming customary to approve just a portion of a submission. If you ever get partial approval, you should resubmit the whole submission package and note which parts were previously authorized.

You may accomplish this in a few different ways, including noting the authorized pages in the transmittal or table of contents or adding a comment to each approved page individually. Giving the reviewer access to the full submission package rather than just the parts they care about will help them form a more complete and accurate opinion.

Review The Submittals And Rfi Specifications To Kick Off Your Project

So, in submittals and rfi process, Instead of spending a lot of time writing new specs, designers often adopt a standard set that they carry over from project to project. Therefore, there are usually specifications that are irrelevant to your project. When submitting a bid for a project, it’s a good idea to have the design team and owner’s rep goes through the specs together. The number of unnecessary submission packets will shock you if you bring your submittal record.

Put The Effort Up Front

Spending extra time on the initial round of submissions will reduce the work you must do in the end. Everyone is aware of this, yet a thorough assessment isn’t always carried out due to time constraints. This generates further issues down the road and necessitates many resubmissions, which slows down the approval process. Before sending the submission packet off to the design team, take some time to review it with the subcontractor to make sure you understand everything included and can spot any mistakes.

Optimal Procedures For Submissions

“Two heads are better than one” is a common saying. The risk of making a serious error during installation decreases as more people go to the work before it’s implemented.

Roofing installations, structural steel connections, and sealants are all critically important work often included in submittals and rfi to ensure that the plan’s objective is understood and followed.

Errors in the designs are sometimes discovered before they are implemented on the field, saving everyone time and money. The submittal schedule is a reliable measure of the job’s progress toward completion.

No system is perfect; errors or omissions may and probably will be made throughout the submission process. However, there are a few tried-and-true methods that contractors, architects, and others may use to increase the quality and speed of their submittals and rfi.

Process Of Construction Submittals And Rfi

To keep everyone involved in a project accountable and on the same page, submittals are an invaluable asset. Below, we shall detail each stage of the submission procedure.

Construction Meeting Before Work Begins

Submission procedures use reasonable software like Ezelogs and the procedures are discussed between the architect, general contractor, and engineer at the preconstruction meeting. Submission and review schedules are discussed.

The submittals structure and submission process are also covered in detail. The get-objective is to define the scope of everyone’s involvement in the project and establish ground rules for the team’s collaboration. The parties also discuss strategies to minimize construction cost increases caused by submission delays.

To Get Ready For Submission

The contractor initiates or assigns appropriate subcontractor(s) to begin submission preparation. The contractor is responsible for detailing any changes from the construction documents on the submission. The contractor next checks to see whether the submission is a true reflection of the field circumstances and if it satisfies all the contract terms. They affix a stamp to the submission after assessing it as confirmation of approval.

Constructing A Schedule For Presentations

Here, the contractor works with the project team to submittals and rfi design a timeline for the submittals in consultation with the engineers and architects. The design team evaluates the technical requirements and essential submittals for the project. As soon as the contractor has access to the design drawings, they may begin planning their submission schedule. There should not be any conflicts between this schedule and the overall project schedule.


Submittals And Rfi serve as evidence of the agreement and as a means of holding all parties involved in a building project to account and keeping them apprised of progress. Each party must sign off on it to signal that they are ready for a certain piece of work to begin.

They had previously relied on inefficient manual methods for drafting and tracking submittals and rfi. Still, several options are available that perform the same thing more quickly and with less effort. When everyone on the team is on the same page about how things are supposed to be done, everyone is more likely to take the task seriously and keep the project on track.

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