4 Best Reasons Submittals Are Crucial In Construction Management For Dummies

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What is construction management for dummies? When submitted thoroughly, these documents keep a project on track in terms of time and money.  If this stage is delayed or messed up, the project’s budget may balloon, its completion date could be pushed back, the wrong amount of materials would be ordered, and the team would have to start again.

In addition, supplying solid construction management for dummies may convert into job profitability, given that poor project data and misunderstanding account for 52% of construction rework. Insights on how to create submittals that are accepted and keep the project moving forward are provided in this article.

construction management for dummies
construction management for dummies

Why Do You Need To Submit Documents?Construction Management for Dummies

  • Keep The Path Clear Of Unnecessary Obstructions

Most building projects, around 65%, will undergo some modification at some point. To keep one step ahead of the competition, submittals are a must.

  • Timelines And Procedures Should Be Revised

Almost three-quarters (72%) of businesses report that their initiatives ran beyond schedule. A well-developed plan for the construction phase’s pre-work phase may do much to boost productivity and completion times.

  • Establish Reliable Financial Plans By

Rework in the building industry accounts for roughly 9 percent of the final bill. By submitting regular updates, you can be confident that your budget projections will continue to be reliable and that any incurred expenditures will be sanctioned.

  • Promote Open Dialogue By Saying

Eighty-two percent of construction management for dummies business owners say better communication is a top priority for their organization.

construction management for dummies
construction management for dummies

Suggestions for Composing a Construction Proposal

  • Keep Tabs on Your Submission Procedures

To minimize setbacks and ensure nothing is overlooked during construction, it’s crucial to keep track of all submittals. Create a construction management for dummies record to keep tabs on all the necessary paperwork and the dates it was authorized. These capabilities of construction management for dummies are most likely included in a linked construction suite’s multifaceted project and business management procedures.

  • Modify The Level Of Automation

The length of the specification may vary significantly from project to project. Creating a first spec book is made easier with an automatic submission record. In a matter of minutes, ASLs may provide a printable Excel file including all your project details. As a result, you may save time and lessen the possibility of making mistakes while maintaining a more streamlined database. That way, you will have more time for client meetings and drawing out design ideas.

All your project partners, from subcontractors to suppliers, can send email requests directly to you. Traditionally, this has been done by email; however, cutting-edge construction management suites have replaced this practice with simplified submission procedures and even digital web portals or online collaboration hubs, both of which allow for faster turnarounds and more excellent monitoring.

  • Use Reports and Alerts via Email and Dashboards For construction management for dummies

The submission procedure was lengthy. The design team receives documentation from vendors and subcontractors, which they must evaluate and approve. Using more conventional methods of communication such as email, one-on-one phone calls, team meetings, or even couriers may make what seems to be an essential procedure tedious and cumbersome.

Connected construction management for dummies reasonable software like Ezelogs , on the other hand, enables users to establish fast dashboard alerts or tasks without ever having to leave the system they are presently using (and can trigger email alerts as well). So, no one on the team has to sift through a mountain of emails or deal with the inconvenience of having unnecessary ones clogging their inbox only to get the information they need. This method improves accountability and openness, enables individuals to respond more rapidly, and guarantees better versioning control by ensuring the most up-to-date documentation is utilized at all times.

  • Put the Markup System in One Place

Multiple persons may look through and sign off on each submission. Suppose papers must be changed and shared across different platforms or communication channels. Try to find a solution that allows you to annotate PDFs from one single location digitally. This eliminates the need for employees to save papers elsewhere before re-importing them. Users may add comments to a document and even provide hyperlinks to related files, such as spreadsheets or CAD drawings.

Bettering The Construction Submittal Procedure

  • Implement A Well-Documented Method Of Submission

When everyone has the same understanding of the construction management for dummies project, things go forward more quickly and efficiently. Independent contractors, subcontractors, and project managers often use their organization methods to keep track of paperwork and other details. But what happens to the system when its owner takes time off, moves offices, or quits? A standardized method of handling project information and data reduces the likelihood of miscommunication and improves the company’s long-term viability.

Consistency may be achieved by establishing and disseminating company-wide norms for pre-construction and submission procedures. Whether you can maintain this level of reliability, you’ll be able to see if any recurring issues may be fixed to boost profits.

  • Log Submissions Automatically

There might be dozens or hundreds of submittals for a single construction project. Thus details can easily get lost in translation. With an automatically created submittal record, you can easily keep track of submissions, reviewers, and approvals. Software designed specifically for managing construction projects may help with keeping track of and automatically submitting things like submittals so that everyone is on the same page.

To better manage the construction management for dummies, contractors might use current networked construction processes. Accurate data, prompt replies, and enhanced monitoring and control guarantee that all materials and procedures meet standards and that all phases are completed as planned by the contractors.


A well-managed, computerized, and simplified construction submission procedure is a powerful instrument for keeping projects on schedule. Submittals are very helpful in preventing unnecessary rework and facilitating open lines of communication.

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