#1 The Proven Importance of Construction Submittals And Rfi and Strategies for Managing Them

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The contractor relies on construction submittals and rfi to guarantee that the project’s approved plans and specifications are being constructed. All parties involved can be on the same page thanks to the detailed plans and specifications outlined in the various papers.

Everything you need to know about submittals, including how today’s tools can make the submission process easier, faster, and more reliable.

How Necessary Are Submittals In The Building Industry, And Why?

Construction submittals and rfi facilitates increased productivity and guarantees that contractors use high-quality supplies that adhere to the project’s strict requirements. This will help contractors complete their work on schedule without sacrificing quality. submittals and rfi procedure is crucial for ensuring quality control throughout the building.

Assuring that the final product is what the project owner wanted and that it adheres to the design purpose is what the submission document is for. That is why it’s crucial for contractors, architects, and the owner to regularly meet and talk about their respective roles. The terms of any contracts should be read and recorded by all parties.


The shop drawings are a crucial part of the submission process. Essential aspects of the task are mapped out in detail using these diagrams, timetables, and statistics. These images depict the steps a designer or architect intends to take to comprehend better a contractor’s planned method of installing a certain material. Everyone will be using the right tools and supplies now.

Designers may also use these files to go through the specifics of a project. That way, they may check the goods before they are made or sent. In doing so, we may avoid expensive and time-consuming setbacks and keep our schedules on track. In addition, it guarantees that no resources are wasted during building, which is excellent for both the environment and the bottom lines of construction companies.

What Is A Construction Submittals And Rfi? Method Of Submission

Submittals and rfi are a great way to keep everyone accountable and on the same page with the projects progress. See below for an illustration of how to make and send a submission in submittals and rfi process.


The submittals and rfi process relies heavily on the work done in the preconstruction phase of a project. The preconstruction conference is a great opportunity for everyone involved in the project to come together, ask questions, and share their thoughts on the progress thus far. This meeting is a great opportunity to clarify the submitting process and ensure everyone is on the same page with the requirements. There will be less room for error, and more information will be shared with all parties involved.


Plan when you will be submitting your work. Because there are only so many hours in the day, the timetable will assist the architect or engineer make sure the materials utilized are reliable. This allows them to better manage their time since not all submittals must be finished before building begins. They choose not to operate under a strict first-come, first-served policy for submissions. If the architect or engineer has concerns about the materials, the client has time to either submit a new set of materials or buy new ones.

Drafting Of Submittals And Rfi

Now that a timeline has been established, subcontractors may submit their work. First, they must collect the relevant paperwork and, in certain cases, physical samples. It will be easy to acquire clearance on certain colours and other aesthetic details. However, the approval procedure may vary depending on the region. No matter who you are, you must provide the preconstruction meeting paperwork.


The architect or engineer’s end will do the review. Using the materials list and other paperwork, they will analyze how the material will affect the project. This is done to safeguard the building’s structural integrity and avoid costly repairs down the road. When the subcontractor receives word that their submission has been accepted or rejected, they may either submit revised materials or begin to work.

Tips For Creating A Construction Submittal

If you have any doubts, write them down. Construction submittals for dummie with extensive information or relevant samples are more likely to be accepted. A construction submittal’s requirements may be either prescriptive or performance-based and contain confidential information.

  • Specifications prescribe the form or nature of the materials used in a building project.
  • Specify the workflow, quality of construction, and period necessary to execute the project.
  • Specifications for any proprietary components used in the project.

How Technology Is Easing The Burden Of Construction Document Submission

Using reasonable technology like Ezelogs may make things more efficient. Despite the availability of dedicated submittals and rfi software, many companies are now opting for comprehensive cloud-based construction management suites. Accessible from almost anywhere at any time, these interconnected systems unite traditionally separate construction management processes, including accounting, project management, field teams, architects/engineers, and project owners around a common set of data and a centralized hub for teamwork.

Because of this, information may be freely exchanged across the core, field, and extended project teams. Connected cloud technologies also streamline the process of processing and keeping track of submissions.

There are further advantages to using connected cloud construction suites, such as:

  • Instantaneous information on projects and operations
  • Enhanced project quality via more intelligent procedures and collaborative processes
  • Powerful new data analytics and reporting tools for gaining a comprehensive understanding of a project’s health at any stage

Depending on the scale of the project, there may be as little as a handful of submittals throughout the preconstruction and construction stages. It is critical to keep track of all of them. Users have access to reliable, up-to-date, and standardized data sets thanks to the submission procedures included in state-of-the-art construction and project management software.

Enhanced communication and coordination around submittals and rfi may help guarantee that construction companies follow safety regulations. Preventing accidents and injuries is of paramount importance on construction sites. The likelihood that teams in the field will stay within the project’s guidelines, utilize the proper equipment and materials—, and so prevent expensive mistakes—increases when the right materials, procedures, and specifications are used.


A construction submittals and rfi process is a useful tool for keeping projects on track if it is well managed, automated and simplified. All parties concerned may benefit greatly from the abundance of information provided by submittals, which helps to eliminate the need for wasteful rework and facilitates open lines of communication. Construction project management software with automatic submittal records may help you stick to your timeline, budget, and other targets.

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